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Wall Mural Trends For the Bedroom

Fabulous Decorative Ideas in 2024

Enter a world of wonder and turn your bedroom into a private oasis with the mesmerizing power of wall murals. No longer are blah, blah walls in favor. Today, murals are soaring in the world of interior design, turning ordinary walls into a dynamic and unique way to express your style and transform space into a vibrant celebration of your personality.


The bedroom is your private palace, a place of relaxation, renewal, and dreams. And what better way to transform this personalized refuge into the next level of stunning than with a fantastic mural that captures the essence of the entire room? Let's take a look at the most recent trends in wall mural design and see how you can use them to create a bedroom that is just as chic as it is one-of-a-kind.

a landscape mural in the bedroom

1- Beautiful and Captivating Landscape Wall Murals For Bedrooms

There is a reason why nature-based interior design is so appealing to such a large population - it brings a sense of serenity and peace. Wall murals that showcase tranquil landscapes, lush forests, and captivating oceans are an instant visual ticket to a peaceful getaway, provoking relaxation and bringing a sense of calm to secondarily define your bedroom. Picture yourself waking up to a magnificent mountain range, a cascading waterfall, or a beautiful tropical jungle. These murals not only provide visual appeal but also create a sense of depth and spaciousness in your bedroom, so that it feels like a tranquil escape from the daily.

a cityscape of dubai as a wall mural in the bedroom

2- Cityscapes or Graffiti Wall Murals For Bedrooms

Want a trendier, more energetic vibe? Murals inspired by graffiti art or cityscapes are the perfect choice for infusing a playful and rebellious note into your bedroom. Covering vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and even letters or quotes that are special to you, graffiti-inspired designs are a statement of your personality and establish a note of cool urban edginess in your room. Whether you choose a full-wall mural or a small accent, graffiti-inspired art is a note of individuality and trendy conversation piece for your bedroom.d details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

an abstract wall mural in the bedroom, beautiful shades of pink, gray and purple mural

3- Abstract Art Wall Murals in Your Bedroom

Abstract art has been a perennial favorite for years, based upon its ability to evoke emotions and a sense of depth and movement. Wall murals with abstract designs, geometric patterns, or organic lines lend your bedroom the chic elegance of contemporary style. These abstract designs can be easily loud and flamboyant, or understated and soothing, and make it easy for you to blend the space with your own sense of style. Abstract murals also mesh well with a range of interior décor designs, from clinical minimalist to eclectic, establishing a note of personality and artistic flair.

a stunning oriental mandala in shades of beige and brown in the bedroom

4- Oriental & Asian Art Bedroom Wall Murals

For those of you needing a taste of global inspiration, oriental-themed murals are a chic way to envelop your bedroom in a cloak of mystery and culture. These murals are often inspired by intricate patterns, fine florals, or traditional Japanese or Chinese artwork, establishing an element of elegance and mystery in your space. Imagine opening your eyes to a tranquil Japanese garden landscape, a vibrant Chinese landscape, or fine calligraphy that has a sense of tranquility and calm. Oriental-inspired murals take you to exotic lands and establish a unique and compelling aura in your bedroom.

a pink portrait of a woman with flowers surrounding her in a beautiful minimal bedroom

5- Portrait Wall Murals: A Unique Touch for Your Bedroom

One of the most captivating trends in wall murals for the bedroom is the rise of portrait murals. These large-scale artworks offer a deeply personalized touch, transforming your space into a gallery that reflects your unique tastes and stories. Portrait wall murals can range from realistic depictions of loved ones to stylized artistic representations, making them a versatile choice for any bedroom aesthetic. Portrait murals that feature classical or vintage-inspired portraits add an element of timeless elegance to your bedroom. Think of the grandeur of old-world paintings, with their intricate details and rich colors. These murals can evoke a sense of history and sophistication, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere. Pair them with antique furnishings and soft, muted color palettes to enhance the classical vibe.

a cute dog sitting in a cosy bedroom on top of a pillow and there's a botanical wall mural in the background

6- Create a Botanical Wall Decor Impact in the Bedroom

Bring the outdoors into your bedroom with botanical-inspired murals. These murals are designed to display lush foliage, delicate flowers, or intricate leaf patterns, giving them a sense of natural beauty and serenity for your bedroom. Whether you like a thick jungle backdrop, a field of wildflowers, or a close-up look at a single flower, these murals bring a sense of calm and soothing influence to your bedroom. They also fit in well with a wide range of interior design, such as minimalist or bohemian, offering a sense of natural grace and a sense of completeness to your space.

a stunning view of a cave in a 3D style in the bedroom

7- Infuse Bedrooms with 3D Illusions: Depth and New Dimensions

Take your bedroom to the next level with 3D wall murals. These beautiful murals offer an immersive experience, a sense of depth and dimension to your space. Imagine a cityscape that feels like it stretches miles outside your walls, a forest that begs you to walk right into it, or a swirling galaxy that transports you to another solar system. 3D murals are ideal for delivering a unique statement and for turning your bedroom into an amazing space.


Incorporating wall murals into your bedroom decor is a fantastic way to transform your space into a personalized oasis. Whether you opt for nature-inspired designs, abstract art, urban graffiti, exotic landscapes, botanical themes, or immersive 3D illusions, the possibilities are endless. Portrait murals, in particular, offer a unique and intimate touch, allowing you to celebrate your memories, loved ones, and artistic tastes. By choosing the right mural, you can create a bedroom that not only reflects your personality but also provides a soothing and inspiring environment. So, dive into the world of wall murals and let your creativity run wild as you design the bedroom of your dreams.

FAQs About Bedroom Wall Murals

Can a mural work in a small bedroom?

Absolutely! In fact, a well-chosen mural can make a small bedroom appear larger. Opt for designs with light colors or perspectives that create an illusion of depth, such as landscapes or 3D effects. Vertical patterns can also draw the eye upward, giving the impression of higher ceilings.

Can wall murals be applied to any type of wall?

Yes, wall murals can be applied to most types of walls, including drywall, plaster, and concrete. However, it's essential to ensure the wall is clean, smooth, and free of any moisture or damage for the best results. Here's a complete Guide on how to install Non Woven Wall Mural or Self Adhesive Wall Murals in the bedroom.

Are wall murals suitable for all bedroom sizes?

Yes, wall murals can be adapted to fit any bedroom size. In smaller rooms, a mural can create an illusion of space, while in larger rooms, it can serve as a stunning focal point.

What style of wall mural works best for a modern bedroom design?

For a modern bedroom design, consider abstract or geometric murals. These designs often feature clean lines, bold shapes, and minimalistic patterns that complement the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of modern interiors. Monochromatic or muted color schemes can add a touch of sophistication, while pops of bright color can create a striking focal point.

What type of wall mural suits a farmhouse-style bedroom?

In a farmhouse-style bedroom, nature-inspired murals work beautifully. Think rustic landscapes, wooden Patterns, vintage floral patterns, or pastoral scenes that evoke a sense of the countryside. Soft, muted colors like sage green, beige, and soft blues can enhance the cozy, welcoming vibe typical of farmhouse decor.

How do I choose a mural that matches my existing bedroom colors?

Start by identifying the dominant colors in your bedroom. Choose a mural that incorporates these colors or uses complementary shades to create harmony. For example, if your bedroom has a lot of blues and grays, a mural with cool tones or a monochromatic palette will blend seamlessly. If your decor features warm hues, look for murals with reds, oranges, and yellows.

What are some calming mural designs for a bedroom?

Murals with serene landscapes, ocean scenes, or botanical themes can create a calming atmosphere. Soft, natural colors like greens, blues, and earth tones promote relaxation and tranquility. Abstract designs with smooth lines and gentle curves can also contribute to a peaceful environment.

How can I incorporate a mural into a minimalist bedroom?

For a minimalist bedroom, choose a mural with a simple design and a restrained color palette. Monochromatic murals or those with subtle, abstract patterns can add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Ensure that the mural complements the minimalist ethos of clean lines and uncluttered surfaces.

What are the best colors for a bedroom mural to promote restful sleep?

Soft, muted colors are ideal for promoting restful sleep. Shades of blue, green, and lavender are known for their calming effects. Neutral colors like beige, soft gray, and off-white can also create a serene and restful atmosphere.

Can I use a mural as an accent wall in my bedroom?

Yes, a mural can make a stunning accent wall. Choose the wall that naturally draws the eye, such as the wall behind the bed or opposite the entrance. This can create a focal point in the room and add a dramatic effect without overwhelming the entire space.

How do I balance a bold mural with the rest of my bedroom decor?

If you choose a bold mural, keep the rest of your decor simple to avoid a cluttered look. Use neutral colors for your bedding, furniture, and accessories to let the mural stand out. Incorporate a few elements that pick up colors or themes from the mural to create a cohesive look.

What type of mural is suitable for a child’s bedroom?

For a child’s bedroom, consider murals with playful themes like animals, space, fairy tales, or colorful abstract designs. Bright, cheerful colors can stimulate creativity and make the room feel fun and inviting. Ensure the design is age-appropriate and can grow with the child.

What style of mural is best for a romantic bedroom atmosphere?

For a romantic bedroom, consider murals with soft, flowing designs and warm, inviting colors. Floral patterns, dreamy landscapes, or vintage-inspired art can create a cozy and intimate ambiance. Shades of pink, soft reds, and muted golds can enhance the romantic feel.

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