Wallpapers: Take Your Decor to the Next Level

Experience elegance at its peak with our wallpapers. Printed with a photographic resolution of up to 660 dpi (dots per inch), they embody visual perfection. The matte, odorless print makes them ideal for any room, including children's bedrooms.

  • 1- The Art of Creation

    Each pattern of our non-woven wallpapers comes to life in the workshop of our talented creators. Inspired by captivating paintings and textures, they seek to capture special effects that will awaken the soul of your interior. We are looking for that singularity, that artistic touch that will make your space a completely unique place!

  • 2- Limitless Creativity

    Our designers draw their inspiration from everywhere: a fractal pattern in a branch, a watercolor stain on a cup, the texture of a leaf... Each element of our environment is a source of inspiration to create 100% original patterns which stand out for their uniqueness.

  • 3- From Design to Reality

    Once your order is confirmed, we proceed to printing your design. Our challenge is to achieve exceptional quality in every pixel. Every detail counts, from the sharpness of the waves on a paradise beach to the depth of color of a rose in a vase. We print at 600 dpi resolution on 120g/m2 wallpapers for magnificent quality.

  • 4- Rigorous Quality Control

    At every stage of production, we carefully check the quality. No manufacturing defects are tolerated, and only wallpapers that meet our exacting standards earn our seal of quality.

  • 5- Ready for Transport

    Your wallpaper is ready to be carefully packaged for transport. We protect it with a thick layer of wrapping paper so that it arrives in perfect condition at your home.

  • 6- Safe Delivery

    We take the security of your package very seriously. Our packaging is designed to protect your wallpapers during transport. You will receive your order in perfect condition, ready to be installed in your home.

Latest Arrivals in Wallpapers:

Canvas Prints ArtfulPrivacy: Art to Perfection

If a simple print doesn't satisfy you and you want a perfect resolution painting with the texture of a painted work, our Premium Printing service is your ideal choice. This innovative technique involves manually applying Spanish acrylic gel to reproduce the brush marks, giving the canvas a depth worthy of an oil painting. Additionally, the varnish applied to the print provides additional protection to the canvas, preserving the colors from humidity and UV rays.

  • 1. Innovative Technique

    Our Premium Printing service offers you the possibility of obtaining a painting of perfect resolution, with the texture of a painted work. We use an innovative technique of manually applying Spanish acrylic gel to faithfully reproduce the brush marks. The result ? A canvas whose structure is reminiscent of an oil painting.

  • 2. Protection and Durability

    Premium printing is not just about aesthetics. We also apply a protective varnish to the print. This provides increased protection to the canvas against humidity and UV rays, thus preserving the quality and durability of the colors.

  • 3. ArtfulPrivacy Exclusive

    You will only find this exclusive printing technology with ArtfulPrivacy. We are proud to offer you an exceptional artistic experience that you will not find anywhere else.

  • 4. Precision and Beauty

    Premium Printing combines the precision of printing with the beauty of a painted picture. Every detail is captured with impressive clarity, while the texture of the canvas gives a unique artistic depth to each work.

Latest Printed Paintings: