Japanese Shoji Screens

Available In 3 & 5 Panels / No Assembly Needed / One Side Motif

Collection: Japanese Room Dividers

Unveil the elegance and functionality of a Japanese room divider. Crafted from natural materials like wood and organic canvas, these shoji screens with unique designs create a sense of peace and tranquility while offering a multitude of practical uses. 

Effortlessly divide spaces, creating a designated work area, a cozy reading nook, or a private dressing area, all without sacrificing the feeling of openness.

The translucent canvas paper allows natural light to filter through, keeping your space bright and airy. Beyond functionality, shoji screens introduce a touch of Japanese-inspired style. The clean lines and natural aesthetic complement a variety of design styles, adding a timeless elegance to any room. Find the perfect shoji screen to suit your style and needs. We offer a wide variety of sizes, materials, and finishes.

a japanese shoji screen with botanical print in a beautiful living room next to a yellow sofa and a grey wall behind them