"Every space has a story to tell. At ArtfulPrivacy, we believe in helping you tell yours. Founded on a love of art and interior design, we're driven by a simple idea: to transform everyday spaces into extraordinary places"

Our Story

Motivated by a love for creativity and a goal of combining art with practicality, our focus is on fulfilling your interior design visions. We proudly partner with Artgeist, a renowned manufacturer in Europe that collaborates with talented artists to create high-quality wall decor and home accessories. Our team carefully selects each product to ensure it meets our standards of artistry and purpose, bringing unique and inspiring designs to your space.

Our Mission

We believe every home deserves a touch of art. That's why, in collaboration with Production Partner, we carefully curate various collections of wall decor and other home accessories infused with creativity, emotion, and artistic expression, helping you transcend ordinary interior design. Our mission is to seamlessly blend art into your daily life, creating spaces that inspire and comfort you. Let art be more than just a decoration; let it be a part of your story.

Our Collections

Murals & Wallpapers

More than just wall coverings, our Wall Murals & Wallpapers are designed to be the centrepiece of any room, turning bland walls into amazing focal points.

Divers Canvases

Each wall print and painting we offer captures the essence of fine art, telling unique stories and adding depth to your decor.

Room Partitions

Our artistic room dividers & Shoji Screens not only provide privacy but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Framed Posters

Affordable art options that let you personalize your home with ease, our wall frames are available in a variety of designs, frames & Sizes.

Other Decorations

  • Decorative Pinboards: Crafted with cork and canvas, these pinboards are perfect for showcasing your travel memories, family photos, and bucket lists.
  • Acrylic Prints: Made from high-quality Plexiglass with a captivating 3D effect, these prints will add a touch of flair to your walls.
  • Paint-by-Number Kits: Ideal for both adults and children, these kits provide a delightful way to pick up a beautiful new hobby.
  • Homeowners

    Whether you're a new homeowner looking to personalize your space or a long-time resident wanting to refresh your decor, our collections offer something for everyone.

  • Renters

    We offer flexible, easily placeable & removable decor options perfect for renters who want to make a temporary space feel like home without permanent changes.

  • Interior Designers

    We Would love to work with interior designers to provide original art solutions that perfectly match their creative visions and clients' needs.

  • Gift Shoppers

    Our exquisite art pieces make thoughtful gifts for any occasion, offering a timeless blend of beauty and inspiration that will be cherished for years to come.

  • Business Owners

    Our stylish partitions & wall murals are ideal for cafes, offices, and retail spaces seeking to create a welcoming and a pleasing environment for your customers.

  • You 🥰

    Yes, we can serve you with wonderful art to incorporate into your unique & private space. We believe that we have something special for you.

❤︎ Make Art More Human ❤︎

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to Provide you with an exceptional interior design shopping experience. Every product we design and curate is carefully selected and made with exceptional attention to detail. We believe in quality, creativity, and exceptional customer service.

We really hope you feel inspired and encouraged to explore our unique collections. Thank you for joining us on our quest to marry art with privacy and create spaces that are uniquely yours. Join us on this artistic adventure and transform your home into a living work of art with ArtfulPrivacy.

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