Create a stunning gallery wall

Your Personal Gallery Wall

While waiting for the Artfulprivacy courier, we prepare: a sheet of gray paper, a ruler, mounting tapes or nails, a marker, a hammer, adhesive tape, and a smartphone. Everything is ready ? Let's get to work!

Capture Your Ideas

Before you start hanging the photos on the wall, spread them out on a sheet of gray paper on the floor, cut to the size of the area of your future gallery. Experiment with different layouts and spaces between individual gallery items - until you find the perfect composition!

Editing and Finalization

Take photos of the most interesting combinations and choose the best ones. Choose your best composition from the most interesting shots, then draw the edges of the images on the paper. Use a marker to mark the edit points. Depending on your preferences, you can choose hooks, dowels or weights, bandages or fixation tapes.

Original idea to create a wall of frames:

Maintaining your wall Painting

Maintaining your canvas prints is essential to preserving their beauty and longevity. To keep them in perfect condition, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or excessive humidity, as these conditions can cause fading and warping. Dust your canvas regularly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation. If there is a spill or stain, gently dab the affected area with a clean, slightly damp cloth, being careful not to rub or rub. If your canvas requires more thorough cleaning, consult a professional to ensure safe and proper restoration. Finally, consider rotating and repositioning your canvas prints periodically to evenly distribute any wear and tear. By following these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy your canvas art for many years to come.

How to hang your AP Canvas?

Arrivals in posters with frame: