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Wall Mural - Old Walls

Wall Mural - Old Walls

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Discover our beautiful Mural Wallpapers. Water and scratch resistant, now available in 3 finishes: Standard, Adhesive and Premium quality, these wall murals are easy to apply to any wall thanks to their thick paper. The unique patterns add a distinctive touch to any room, also ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Its finish hides wall imperfections.

Standard Print

  • Material: Non-woven fabric, 110 g/m²
  • Mounting: Edge to edge / Perfect Alignment
  • Finish: Semi-matt
  • Delivery: 1 roll with 50cm wide belts (size is a multiple of 50cm)
  • Sizes: Width x Height in cm
  • Application: Requires non-woven wallpaper glue (not included)
  • Optional extras: Wallpaper roller, knife, paper tape, glue brush, smoothing brush, wallpaper kit (all sold separately)
  • Cleaning: Use a slightly damp cloth, no detergent or scrubbing
  • Certificate: CE certified
  • Made in the EU

Self Adhesive

  • Material: Self-adhesive foil, 45 g/m² (A little bit delicate fabric)
  • Print resolution: Up to 600 dpi
  • Finish: Semi-matt
  • Delivery: Single roll with easy-to-apply stripes, 49cm wide (size is a multiple of 49cm)
  • Size: Width x Height in cm
  • Application: Just Peel & stick, no glue required
  • Optional extras: Knife, smoothing brush (sold separately)
  • Cleaning: Use a slightly damp cloth, no detergent or scrubbing
  • Other uses: Furniture decoration (Wooden and Wall Surfaces)
  • Application method: Edge on edge (Perfect Alignment)
  • Certificate: CE certified
  • Made in the EU

Premium Print

  • Material: Premium non-woven fabric, 155 g/m²
  • Print resolution: Up to 600dpi
  • Finish: Semi-matt
  • Installation: Edge-to-edge (Perfect Alignment)
  • Delivery: 1 roll with easy-to-install 50cm wide strips (size is a multiple of 50cm)
  • Size: Width x Height in cm
  • Application: Requires glue for non-woven wallpaper (sold separately at bimago, amount calculated based on wallpaper size)
  • Optional accessories: Wallpaper roller, cutter, paper tape, glue brush, smoothing brush, tool kit (all sold separately)
  • Cleaning: Use a slightly damp cloth, no detergent or scrubbing
  • Certified: CE

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  • Premium Print

    Crafted from premium fabric (155 g/m²) with richer texture and stunning 600 dpi resolution, it elevates any space. make it perfect for all rooms, including moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Standard Print

    This budget-friendly option is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Made from durable non-woven fabric (110 g/m²) with a smooth finish, it's easy to apply and requires separate non-woven glue.

  • Self Adhesive

    Skip the mess! This wallpaper features a peel-and-stick application for a fuss-free transformation. With a beautiful semi-matt finish and high-quality prints, it adds instant style to any room.

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Transform Your Space

Captivating Interior Wall Murals

Our non-woven Wall Murals are robust, water and scratch resistant, are the ideal choice for dressing your walls. Featuring an inspiring pattern, they will captivate the eye in every room. Installation is simple with special glue, and they are suitable for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Their semi-matte surface camouflages wall imperfections, creating an elegant backdrop.

Mounting Guide

Elevate Your Walls

Standard vs. Premium Murals

ArtfulPrivacy offers Standard and Premium wallpaper catering to various needs. Standard, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, features a durable 110 g/m² non-woven fabric with a smooth finish for budget-conscious decorators. Premium, crafted from a denser 155 g/m² fabric and boasting a richer texture and superior print resolution, elevates any space. Both feature a semi-matt finish, easy edge-to-edge application, and are perfect for all areas of your home when paired with non-woven wallpaper glue (sold separately).

Mural Trends of 2024

Guaranteed Security

Sustainability in Mind

Made from reliable materials, our wallpapers can be used with confidence in bedrooms and children's rooms. Additionally, our wallpapers are carefully packaged in large cartons for optimal protection during transport, and each tube contains clear installation instructions. Installation is easy, thanks to the 49 to 50 cm width rolls.

Wall Mural Production

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